Lory ribarstvo


The company Lory is known for its products and quality across Europe. Established in 2012, recognizing the need for our products, recognized by top quality and freshness, to be delivered fresh to customers throughout the European Union.

Since then, we have recorded a rapid climb to which certainly contributes the unsurpassed purity of the Adriatic Sea, maricultural diversity, and of course our qualified divers who manually collect these products along the Adriatic coast.

We actively participate in marine quality research to enable our customers with only the best of the best in the Adriatic Sea.

Fresh from the sea


Our products are transported anywhere in the EU within 48 hours of fish catch, to which of course contributes the logistics experience we possess. Before delivering to the market we make sure that all healthcare conditions for food business have been met by EU standards.

At the beginning of 2017, the fishing business began expanding. We offer only fresh fish that is transported to the final destination within 24 hours of fish catch.

Our products


Our wide range of products encompasses:


Warty venus, Fan mussel, Scallop, Canestrelo, Smooth clam, Oyster, Mussels, Clams


Sea urchin, Purple sea urchin


Sea squirt


Banded dye-murex, Purple dye murex, Marine gastropod molluscs, Barnacle


Various white and blue fish and molluscs, depending on season and catch

Sea algae

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